Who We Are

Carlson, Hammond & Paddock, LLC, was founded in 1986, by the late John Carlson, (1940-1992), Mary Mead (Mooey) Hammond, and Bill Paddock. Today, Carlson, Hammond & Paddock, LLC, serves a wide variety of clients in diverse matters, including water litigation (adjudications of water rights and related diligence cases, opposition to potentially injurious water right proceedings, adjudication of changes of water right, augmentation plans, and exchange programs, and groundwater regulation) in Colorado’s Water Courts; transactional matters, such as acquisition and sale of land and water rights; water infrastructure; development of water rights and related matters; negotiation and development of environmental remediation and protection plans; and representation in water quality administrative matters, such as standard setting and permitting proceedings. Members of the firm are active in a variety of community and civic matters, and write and speak regularly on topics of interest to the water community.


Carlson, Hammond & Paddock
1900 Grant St.
Suite 1200
Denver, Colorado 80203
Telephone: 303.861.9000
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